Keeping an eye on the red menace.
Keeping an eye on the red menace.

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MarxWatch is an effort by American patriots to preserve American rights and liberties, and to begin restoring America to the beacon of freedom it once was for the world.

The Red Menace

Marxism is not new to America, but it has become an imminent threat relatively recently. Marxist ideologies, such as communism, socialism, and syndicalism, pose a grave threat to American values and liberty. Each of these ideologies, under light scrutiny, reveals that it requires a totalitarian state or equivalent to separate property from its rightful owners and, they believe, gift it to the working class.

This ideology that manifests the highest level of greed – ironic, as they never tire of calling those who earn their wealth greedy – promises an unnatural equality of outcomes between unequal people at the cost of all liberty and justice. Even the most egalitarian who retain their reason will understand that equality is worthless in the absence of liberty and justice.

Stand up for a free and just America and report Marxist activity you witness taking place.

The Pink Menace

Feminism is Marxism with a twist: it applies the concept of class struggle to the sexes.

Feminism takes the overall structure of Marxist ideology and substitutes the sexes for the classes. Instead of the bourgeoisie, feminism casts men as the oppressive class; in the place of the proletariat, feminism puts forward women as the oppressed class. Knowing what atrocities past Marxist revolutions have inflicted on members of the bourgeoisie, men have genuine cause for concern about the trajectory of feminism.

Marxism has taken advantage of women’s need to be protected and taken care of, gaining a foothold in the minds of far too many American women. Marxism is the greatest enemy ever conceived to liberty, individual autonomy, and justice – true justice, not social justice, the banner Marxist activity on college campuses often takes place under.

We ask you to take note of feminist meeting places and activity, and to bring them to our attention.