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About MarxWatch

MarxWatch is an effort by American patriots to preserve American rights and liberties, and to begin restoring America to the beacon of freedom it once was for the world.

Today’s left has become based squarely on Marxist ideology. Even moderate leftists merely cut a compromise between Marxism and free American values. This was not always the case.

Historically, the left represented a desire for change, whatever that specific change may be at the time, and the right represented retaining successful policies that have proven benefits. Thus, the right is typically associated with tradition, family, and self-reliance: a proven, successful approach to life. The left often represented reform and experimentation: things that, when done properly, enable society to reach new heights.

While Marxism is very much a change, it is a change in the very wrong direction. We ask your support, however you align politically. Whether you align with the right and want to preserve what we’ve got, or you want to restore the true left that reforms in good faith and experiments responsibly, MarxWatch welcomes you to report Marxist activity.