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Blue Check Watch on Twitter

Posted on August 24, 2018

Twitter user @meme_amerlca, display name Blue Check Watch, has taken it upon himself to compile tweets by verified Twitter accounts – blue checkmarks – expressing racial bigotry against whites. He generally does this by retweeting them along with a link to an archived version of the tweet, in case the bigot gets cold feet and deletes their tweet. Naturally, this is part of #VerifiedHate.

This bigotry isn’t some strange separate element of leftist ideology. It is leftist ideology. It is just Marxism with the class hierarchy replaced by a race hierarchy. If you’ve been watching feminism with a keen eye, you’ll notice that it is also just Marxism with a sex hierarchy substituted for the class hierarchy.

Since we realize that anti-white bigotry is just the application of Marxism to the races, MarxWatch supports Blue Check Watch’s work. MarxWatch stands against Marxism in all its forms. Stand with MarxWatch against Marxism and report Marxist activity.