Eric Swalwell: A Nuclear Case of Commiefornian Derangement

Eric Swalwell will take your guns from your warm, irradiated hands.
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Posted on November 20, 2018

Eric Swalwell, House representative from California, showed a few too many of his cards in a game of gun confiscation poker on Twitter. Naturally, this is a very archive-worthy tweet, which more than speaks for itself.

Of course, he claims it’s a joke. It’s just a joke, bro. Can’t you take a joke? Jeez, you’re a real buzzkill, I was just joking about the nukes. Learn to take a joke, man. I guess if he gets his way, this will turn into It was just a prank, bro. Chill, man, I only nuked you as a prank. Why do you gotta be such a buzzkill? Learn to take a joke.

It’s not a joke. This moment is an insight into the psyche of the Marxist left. Let’s learn from it.

Marxism is a Mental Disability

Marxism is not only the product of simple-minded thought patterns, it also promotes them. You’ll notice Marxists hold many outright idiotic beliefs, many political, with a common short-sightedness symptomatic of a total lack of reflection.

The common thread in these beliefs is the complete disregard of secondary and tertiary (and so on) effects. Many fables told to children are a way to prepare them for adulthood when one must predict secondary effects and onward before starting the chain reaction. Such an example might be burning down the home of an enemy. The effects don’t stop at the home burning. The emergency services arrive, the police investigate, and the perpetrator is put through the justice system and spends many years in high-security prison. It is critical to one’s existence as an adult that one have a facility with predicting such consequences.

Let’s proceed with this in mind.

Eric Swalwell, Nuclear Gun Confiscator

So, he’s right, isn’t he? The government has nukes. Of course nukes can kill rebellious gun owners. End of story, right? Of course not.

Nuclear detonations aren’t picky about whom they kill. Everyone within their area of effect dies. Buildings are also destroyed, many of these buildings being critical economic infrastructure. The area becomes contaminated with fallout and needs cleanup to be safe for human habitation. The cost of nuking territory you want to use again is much, much higher than the mere cost of the weapon.

For these reasons, these secondary effects of going nuclear on a citizen uprising, doing so is entirely impractical. Unlike Swalwell, governments want to rule over and tax whole nations with thriving economies, not ashes and rubble. This is a case where greed, that devil in the religion of Marxism, ensures humanity’s continuation even in the age of nuclear weaponry. How much of a devil is it, then, when the selfless and altruistic Marxists starve millions while greed prevents governments nuking their own populace?

The next bit where Eric Swalwell messes up – again, in the very same manner – is in making the tweet. It is very clearly a tweet threatening nuclear bombardment in the case of a war resulting from attempted gun confiscation. It’s not a credible threat, coming from a house representative, but that’s not what’s important here. He just had to win this exchange, consequences be damned. He must have known his tweet would be public, that people would read it, that the content was scandalous at best. But, it seems, he couldn’t predict the secondary effects of tweeting that response, much like our hypothetical arsonist didn’t think it through and ended up in prison.

This man is nearly 40 years old, and he can’t think a couple steps ahead? Of course not. He’s a Marxist. Marxists are economically illiterate because they lack a facility with secondary effects, and they are rapidly also becoming socially inept in this age when we are connected to countless people online.


Yeah, Eric Swalwell is an idiot. Yeah, he should step down. Yeah, he should be tried for treason for undermining the constitution he recently swore an oath to protect. But, at the same time, have a little bit of sympathy: he’s mentally disabled. His condition is called Marxism.

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