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Far-Left Pressure Squads

Posted on December 28, 2018

If you’ve been keeping abreast of the culture war, you’ll have already heard of Patreon’s monumental mistake of banning Sargon of Akkad on grounds entirely contrary to their terms of use. Indeed, what Patreon revealed is that their rule book was window dressing, that, in fact, there are no rules for Patreon, and they are entirely arbitrary in their banning of creators for political reasons. This is how a company behaves when it has an entrenched far-left faction.

Companies that are not yet so infected must be externally pressured. Whatever far-left presence within the company helps this along, but it is not yet powerful enough to initiate such activity on its own. Enter far-left pressure squads.

The far left is currently unable to silence its political opponents and sever their income streams with government force. This is entirely thanks to the United States being the only country in the world to enshrine freedom of speech in its very constitution to the extent that it does. This is not a bed of laurels to rest on; the far left is working hard to put an end to this by any means necessary, no matter how dishonest, unjust, incorrect, or outright treasonous.

Killing with a Borrowed Knife

Since their preferred avenue is blocked, the far left has found a way around: making a fool of their ideological nemesis, the market, to attack their political enemies. Tactically, this is an excellent move; they are killing with a borrowed knife, so to speak: their political enemies suffer directly, and the market entities they have exploited into doing the far left’s dirty work suffer residual damage that will eventually destroy them.

However, to simply praise the far left would be lying by omission; they have a much simpler battlefield than the non-left. Whereas we want to preserve civilization, society, the market, and liberty, the far left is happy to raze it all to the ground and lord over the ashes. We have the more difficult task, but we owe this difficulty to the additional constraints we place on ourselves so that we can preserve a world worth living in. On the other hand, we truly have no choice but to win: far-leftists are acting out of greed for the wealth of others – how ironic, if you listen to their words instead of their actions – whereas the non-left is motivated by self-preservation. For us, losing is dying. For the far left, losing is going to work on Monday.

Far-Left Pressure Squads: the Details

Further Action

Are you willing to combat the far left by turning their most effective tactic against them? MarxWatch would be happy to host a page with the contact information of those who fund the far left. Contact us or join MarxWatch on Let’s make this happen.