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How to End Socialism in America's Schools

Posted on January 30, 2019

Anyone with an honest recollection of their years spent in government schools knows the problem isn’t money. The problem is that all the wrong people are in those buildings. People who like to power trip on kids who don’t know their rights. People looking to brainwash vulnerable children. Incompetents who are only a chapter ahead of the students in the textbook. People who can’t hack it anywhere else.

The problem is the absence of meritocracy. Not only has meritocracy broken down in the schools, it has been inverted. The mediocre teachers conspire to remove the competent to prevent there being an observable contrast. And how does one restore meritocracy in schooling? By making the schools compete again. Since meritocracy achieves superior results by elevating the most competent to the positions of greatest impact, if competition is restored in schooling, they will have to become meritocratic again by necessity to remain in operation.

Lennie Jarratt and Chris Talgo talk specifics in their article on The Western Journal.