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Marxist Tactics Are Old

Posted on May 6, 2019

Two Marxist tactics we will cover today are generally thought to be new, but are, in fact, very old. First, we will discuss intersectionality. Then we will discuss one you may have been the target of before: smearing opponents as fascists.

Intersectionality is Old

Intersectionality refers to the notion that if someone belongs to more than one oppressed group, they are multiply oppressed. This isn’t an inherently flawed concept – it is akin to superposition of forces in physics – the trouble is that just about all of the oppression that Marxists allege are either exaggerated or wholly fictitious.

Claudia Brown, a black woman, illegal immigrant, communist, and feminist, put intersectionality to paper in her 1949 writing “We Seek Full Equality for Women”.

She had been active in the United states since the 1930s, when she immigrated illegally, highly connected and influential in the sphere of the Communist Party USA. It seems communists in the 1930s had a notion of open borders, as well. After all, how else would they import revolutionaries to overthrow the United States government?

Calling Opponents Fascists is Old

The saying goes, the first casualty of war is the truth. American communists embraced this in 1943 at the latest, when the Communist Party USA issued a directive to falsely label their opponents fascists. This directive is recited in the following video.