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Steve Ahlquist, Rhode Island Professional Pozzer

Posted on May 27, 2019

Meet Steve Ahlquist, a “journalist” based in Rhode Island. You’ll understand the need for scare quotes shortly.

Humanists of Rhode Island

Steve Ahlquist on NBC 10, representing HRI.
Steve Ahlquist on NBC 10, representing HRI.

Humanists of Rhode Island1 2 is a Marxist meetup group by their own description: “The Humanists of Rhode Island (HRI) is committed to volunteer service and political activism for social justice.” Steve Ahlquist1 2, while not an organizer today, was the organizer of HRI in 20161 and has been a member of HRI for longer than both of the current organizers1 2. Steve Ahlquist publicly represents the fringe political group, and calls himself a journalist. Steve Ahlquist appears to be the founder of HRI: he has the earliest join date of all its members1 2.

Would you trust a certification board run by one of the companies it certifies? Would you trust an encyclopedia’s entry about itself? Steve Ahlquist is a “journalist” who primarily reports on the activities of HRI, a political group he likely founded. Does anyone expect him to be truthful when the truth isn’t favorable?

Antifa Affiliation

Steve Ahlquist standing with Antifa, middle row, all the way right.
Steve Ahlquist standing with Antifa, middle row, all the way right.

Uprise RI

Steve Ahlquist presenting his soy face.

Steve Ahlquist is the founder and principal writer for Uprise RI1 2, a self-admitted poz rag. While this mostly speaks for itself, there are gems to be extracted here…

Connection to Christian Exoo

Christian Exoo, alias Antifash Gordon, penned an article1 2 for Uprise RI. It slandered patriotic groups as “hate groups”, as is typical for Marxist propaganda, in anticipation of a rally at the Rhode Island state house.

For those not in the know, Christian Exoo is an infamous Marxist doxer who has incited Twitter hate mobs to harass people’s places of work to get them fired on false allegations of being Nazis. This knowledge did not escape Steve Ahlquist, since Christian Exoo was posting by his Twitter alias he uses to dox people, Antifash Gordon.

Connection to Antifa

Ocean State Against Capitalism would be a more honest name.

Ocean State Against Hate, an Antifa cell, is also an author on Uprise RI. They wrote a recruitment and incitement piece1 2 ahead of a patriotic rally in Providence.


Steve Ahlquist tries to keep a clean image, but the facts betray the truth. By now, the title of this post should not seem hyperbolic at all. Steve Ahlquist is a Marxist activist and Marxist propagandist; a professional pozzer.