Portland Persecutes Patriot Prayer, Proud Boys Before August 17 Rally

Portland police, Ted Wheeler's weapon of choice.
Keeping an eye on the red menace.

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Posted on August 16, 2019

Closet-Marxist mayor Ted Wheeler has decided to begin openly persecuting patriots, alleging they are the sole violent actors in previous political clashes, as he continues to cover for Antifa, who have overwhelmingly been the aggressors.

Mayor Ted Wheeler has been protecting the Marxist revolutionaries calling themselves Antifa, ordering police to stand down and not enforce the law as the Marxists flagrantly violate it, over the course of many events going back at least several months.

In this breaking story, Ted Wheeler has decided to stop hiding behind plausible deniability and order police to arrest patriotic activists for whatever reason they can find in order to disrupt the rally set to take place on August 17th. That he ordered police to target patriots and not the Marxists, despite the Marxists having overwhelmingly been the aggressors at clashes in Portland and nationwide, is not only favoritism, but explicit support for enemies of the United States.

This is political persecution, plain and simple. Ted Wheeler is not just a bad mayor, he is a saboteur disrupting the correct execution of justice, a traitor who gives aid and comfort to Marxist revolutionaries who want to abolish the United States Constitution, and an oathbreaker, having sworn an oath to support the constitution only to turn around and betray it.

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