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Christian Exoo's Father, Calvin Fred Exoo

Posted on January 20, 2020

Exoo Family

Christian Exoo does not appear to be the only member of his family involved in far-left politics, or in St. Lawrence University. This raises questions regarding nepotism and other potential unscrupulous practices. Explore this directory and come to your own conclusion on this matter.

  • Christian Exoo, also known as Antifash Gordon, a Marxist doxer and library assistant at St. Lawrence University.
  • Calvin F. Exoo

Friend of Far-Left Media

Calvin Fred Exoo on the phone with far-left media outlet The Young Turks.
Calvin Fred Exoo on the phone with far-left media outlet The Young Turks.

Calvin Fred Exoo has written for several far-left outlets:

Professor at St. Lawrence University

Calvin Fred Exoo, prior to his retirement, was a professor of government at St. Lawrence Universityarchive, quite the case of the fox guarding the hen-house.

A keen observer will notice that this is the very same university where Christian Exoo works as a library assisi don’t think the boog needs to happen. but continuing to live in cities is defeat. building communities that are prepared to resist the state is best in the long-haul. if you can do enough damage in a battle, the battle won’t happen, so long as you’re otherwise keeping to yourselvestant. Is his employment here, and his continued employment after being outed as Antifash Gordon, mere coincidence, nepotism, or policy at St. Lawrence University? The first option is the most excusable, and also the least likely, in our opinion. The third case, while it would be acceptable if such a policy were applied uniformly, to expect such a thing from universities today is laughable.

However you slice it, Christian Exoo should be out hustling, or at least have stopped his doxing while he treads thin ice to keep his job, but, as we see, that is not the case. Is this a reflection on St. Lawrence University’s politics? The many businesses and governments that have fired people who were smeared by the likes of Christian Exoo as fascists seem to think so, and so do the Marxists smearing these employees to get them fired. If St. Lawrence University holds that they do not endorse militant Marxism, then they would have to argue against the very basis of Christian Exoo’s activities on Twitter.