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Leftism is Coming. Do Something.

Posted on November 2, 2020

The biggest cope we have seen this whole time is that of the “let the left destroy their own cities” stance. People are afraid to do anything so they hide, and pretend like they’re just waiting for a “real” threat. Consider the following:

The country wasn’t always this bad, including in the cities. They had to have gone through a drastic change to get there. Entryism, or the covert infiltration of institutions in order to take them over was applied to many of our institutions including schools, and government organizations. This infiltration has taken root in the cities in a way that is much more noticeable than the suburbs and rural areas.

Now consider that regardless of their political views, most people want to live in safety and comfort. When the riots occur people are hurt, and their communities are destroyed. Because of this many of the left-leaning city folk will leave the cities. They will take their political views with them, and they will also try to change the suburban or rural areas they move to. When they get to your town they will try to run for office, or start a committee or even just become influential in a local group or club, where they will take it over and infect it with marxist ideology.

This process will continue up until they have the ability to control who the police arrest, and who gets charged for crimes. The police, who are typically conservative, are also typically just lapdogs of whoever pays them. They’ll arrest you in a heart beat even if the charges are illegitimate. They’ll complain about how unfair it is, and even quit the force, but they’ll only do that after arresting innocent people. This is why we aren’t pro cop. They tend to be lazy “yes” men with no spines.

This is exactly how the left was able to create the environment you see in cities across the U.S. that allows for unpunished rioting, and it is very much a reality that they will replicate it in suburbs and rural areas.

We don’t condone violence or criminal activity. Please don’t do anything of that sort. But there’s a million and one nonviolent, and legal things that can be done to resist this. So long as you are trying to find any excuse it will only continue, and spread.