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Politics: Democrats Exploit Coronavirus Crisis

Posted on March 22, 2020 by Enmerkar

People on the right have been underestimating the Democrats’ capacity for schemes. Let’s break down their (possible) political strategy toward the Chinese coronavirus crisis.

First, let me explain my thought process:

  • If what someone is doing makes no sense, it’s probably because he knows something you don’t.
  • If a person’s words and actions conflict, the truth can always be found in his actions.
  • Stated intentions are usually lies.
  • The probable outcome of an action is usually the agent’s intention.

In shorter terms, I reject Hanlon’s razor. Hanlon clearly lived in kinder times that weren’t as rife with deceit and subterfuge as today. Assume malice, not incompetence.

Democrats and Media Support Trump?

This is the biggest warning sign. Suddenly, after smearing the president for four years and contradicting themselves left and right to constantly oppose him, they’re now supporting him? Something’s wrong here.

The most obvious reason they’d support him is so that they can promote his self-destruction. They have found a path to victory: make Trump vindicate their years of smears about him being a despot. Their actions right now serve primarily to goad him into declaring martial law, which will prove extremely unpopular, either through flattery or through provocation.

Philadelphia Allows Grand Theft Auto

This is the most revealing move of all.

First, it’s the exact opposite of what would help reduce panic in a crisis. In a crisis, securing property rights reduces panic; knowing you can leave your home and not have it broken into enables you to think ahead and prepare, which are the exact activities necessary to avoiding panic. This action would be an effective way to create a panic even in ideal conditions with no novel virus.

Second, it’s in a Democrat city in a Democrat state. This is a provocation to Trump. They are daring him to step on their turf by adopting monumentally idiotic policies that will create unrest. If he does, they will cry tyranny; if he doesn’t, they will blame the unrest on him.

Finally, they published this policy change. If there were ever a situation where this course of action would be wise, telling criminals it’s open season on parked cars would still be idiotic.

The 2020 Election is Already Lost

The Democrats know Biden can’t beat Trump. So, rather than trying to win with Biden, they have progressed to trying to make Trump lose. This is their best plot, and I’ll give them credit, it’s a clever one.

However, it’s clumsy, obvious, and treasonous. Sabotaging your own country’s response to a crisis in a bid for political power? Is it wise to permit this as politics? I say no. If you want to win, do it by bettering the country, not by sabotaging it. Sabotaging the country in a crisis is treason. Commissioner Outlaw and other Democrat officials who orchestrate a more severe crisis through bad policy will be responsible for the damage done to people’s lives and the social fabric; the question is whether they’ll be held accountable.

This pattern of behavior ends when it is stopped. Voting them out is a good start, but it isn’t enough. This isn’t just bad politics, it is criminal. All who are involved in this scheme belong behind bars. The sooner, the better.


Never underestimate your enemy. When you underestimate your enemy, if they surprise you, you will be defeated. When you overestimate your enemy, when they surprise you, it will be by handing you victory more easily than you expected.